Lunch Box Pizzas

Lunchbox Mini Pizzas

Making Lunchbox Mini Pizzas
I’ve going on the trip of daily lunchbox making. Simply wondering just how many years I’ve to accomplish this?! My boy is getting it difficult to consume food that is plenty of as he’s just getting ten mins to consume. That’s truly not enough time when you’re a slower eater. What I’ve started doing is providing him lunchbox food that’s easier to consume. He’s loving sushi, mini quiches plus zucchini slice.

Among the mum’s I follow on Instagram, who creates excellent lunchboxes, (Bernadette from Goodie Goodie Lunchbox) made English muffin mini pizza’s for her son’s lunchbox and believed this was an excellent strategy to test. I then discovered Kate from Foost produce a two ingredient dough using self raising flour plus yogurt that I assumed was genius. I mixed the two creative ideas and also mini lunchbox pizzas have been born!

Cooking Mini Lunchbox Pizzas
Mini Lunchbox Pizzas

The dough is very simple to make by hand thought you might have to increase the flour as you go. I made these having a combo of white flour and wholemeal and they also ended up very well.

I cut these out there into the size I want to, utilizing a drinking cup as I do not have some fancy cutters. You are able to top them with whatever ingredients you like. The very best aspect of these is they freeze really effectively so they may be utilized for lunchboxes at your school.

I attempt to include that much vegetables as I possibly can to my son’s lunchbox, therefore these small lunchbox pizzas have been topped with pizza sauce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, olives and pineapple.

A note on freezing the small lunchbox pizzas: Place the prepared small pizzas onto a tray and freeze them for a couple of hours. After they’re frozen I and then place them right into a freezer container or perhaps jar.
Combine the self raising flour and Greek yogurt in a bowl until it comes together and forms a ball. This can have a couple of minutes

Flip the pizza dough onto a floured surface and then knead until smooth. You might have to include additional flour at this phase.

Roll the pizza dough out flat and also make use of a circle design to eliminate the rounds of pizza. Place these onto a prepared tray

Top the pizza rounds with pizza sauce, toppings of your cheese and choice. We created ours with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, olives & pineapple.

Cook for twenty minutes in a 200 degree oven. I would like using the pizza setting on the oven of mine so the temperature is originating from under the pizzas.
Today Miss five declared that sushi is boring. I mean truly? What? It was actually created with pimped rice today a blend of brown rice, random scraps of yellow rice and tricolour quinoa. But evidently, it is dull.

lunchbox mini pizzas

Thus, I chose to take some time to earn a few mini pizzas which I can easily pop in lunch boxes. Hopefully they are going to be good enough for her. That’s if you can find some left Master three is now devouring his 4th and also does not appear as he is really going to prevent any time soon enough. My method is usually to pop them in the freezer, ready made very they’re helpful for days as now when it is other or hot so lunchbox many days when a thing as sushi is far too difficult!
lunchbox mini pizzas

Now these lunchbox mini pizzas nearly did not reach you I cannot get the mixer dough hook of mine. Wherever! Plus it is a thing I use 2 3 times each week. I am hoping Master three has set it a place (he is obsessed with becoming Captain Hook among some other characters at the moment). Though it is not looking promising. UPDATE: I did discover that dough hook it was under the bed of his!

lunchbox mini pizzas

I utilized sandwich cutters to cut the styles for these, heart, a butterfly, star and boat. The star had been extremely hard to capture perfect and the simplest had been the hearts. Usually you will be more well off using stainless cookie cutters for these, one thing I will use next time, because now I am set on doing a number of my baking extremely hard to do. When I remade these I applied a bear cutter instead!

lunchbox mini pizzas

Anyway, plenty of the problems of mine! I have applied homemade yoghurt in this particular healthy recipe, in case you would love to learn just how, have a read of the article.

I have received a few of recipes that I created in “mini” sizes. Check them out:
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