The best way to Make Perfect Homemade Pizza

The best way to Make Perfect Homemade Pizza

The best way to Make Perfect Homemade Pizza

Brenda Blanco

Yummy Team





Length 9:38



for sixteen servings


Two ½ cups warm h2o (600 mL)

One teaspoon sugar

Two teaspoons active dry yeast


Six tablespoons extra virgin organic olive oil, plus much more for greasing

One ½ teaspoons kosher salt


Suggested TOPPINGS




28 oz canned entire tomatoes (795 g)

One tablespoon kosher salt



tomato sauce


fresh basil leaf




ricotta cheese

fresh basil pesto

dehydrated oregano



tomato sauce


spicy pepperoni slice


Diet Info


Perspective Info


Let sit for ten minutes, until bubbles create on the outside.

In a big bowl, incorporate the flour as well as salt. Using a spoon, blend until a shaggy dough starts to develop.

The dough must be bouncy, smooth, and soft. Form the dough right into a taut round.


Punch lowered by the dough and also turn it out onto a gently floured work surface area. Knead for one more minute or perhaps so, then slice into four equal portions as well as shape into rounds.




Then, stretch as well as press the dough in to a slim round.

Sprinkle semolina upon a benefit lowered by cooking sheet and put the stretched crust onto it.


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