The Guys

The Guys

The Guys1 [gahyz]
1. Informal . Persons of either gender; people; us.

The Pizza1
1. Big pie; snap and chew; front might droop. Foldable. The New York Style.

While we all love a good slice, you can say we’re obsessed. After eating pizza in Dubai for a number of years we couldn’t help but notice that something was missing: a pizza with the soul of Naples and the swagger of New York City.

It all began with Naples: we trained with the masters at Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the official gatekeepers of Neapolitan pizza. But just like the pizza brought over by Italian immigrants to New York’s Lower Manhattan in the early 1900’s, that was just the beginning.

We ate at New York’s most legendary pizzerias, studied the art and science of artisanal baking, mixed batches and batches of dough, flew back to New York, ate more pizza and then went right back to testing. What we came up with is so awesome we decided to share it with you. So our pizza, every single day, is brought to you by us Guys.

But there’s more. New York isn’t just known for great pizza and creative eats. New Yorkers don’t compromise. And neither do we. So really, you can say we’re a bunch of guys finally doing things right.